hello world bundling.

$ bitbundler --src src/main.js --dest dist/out.js

Include eslint loader plugin to lint only the modules used by your code.

$ bitbundler --src src/main.js --dest dist/out.js --loader @bit/loader-eslint

Passing in options to a loader plugin.

$ bitbundler --src src/main.js --dest dist/out.js --loader [ --name @bit/loader-js --options [ --umd ] ] --loader @bit/loader-eslint

Printing the generated CLI settings

Handy for debugging

$ bitbundler --print --src src/main.js --dest dist/out.js --loader [ --name @bit/loader-js --options [ --umd ] ] --loader @bit/loader-eslint

Loading the default config file

bit-bundler will automatically try to load .bitbundler.js or .bitbundler.json. If both are present then .bitbundler.js will be used. The configuration file is optional, so if a configuration file does not exist then only CLI arguments are used.

So just run bit-bundler in the CLI to load the default configuration file.

$ bitbundler

Specifying a config file

If you want to load a particular config file, you can provide a string to the --config option.

$ bitbundler --config my-bit-bundler-config.js

Overriding options in a config file

You can also specify CLI options which will override any corresponding options from the config file.

$ bitbundler --config --src some-other-index.js

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