Loader Plugins

Let's continue on and enhance our Hello World example by introducing a couple of loader plugins. But first, what exactly are loader plugins?

Loader plugins are processors that hook into the module loading pipeline. This allows us to customize how modules are loaded and processed. For example, with loader plugins you can enable transpilation with babel and linting with eslint. Let's see how we can set that up.

install bit-bundler and plugins

$ npm install --save-dev @bit/bundler @bit/loader-eslint @bit/loader-babel

setup bitbundler-config.js

var Bitbundler = require("@bit/bundler");

var bitbundler = new Bitbundler({
  loader: [

  src: "src/main.js",
  dest: "dist/app.js"

run bitbundler-config.js

$ node bitbundler-config.js

With this setup we are recursively loading modules and their dependencies, transpiling with babel, and efficiently linting only the files that are depended upon and used by your code.

So now that we know about loader plugins, next let's talk about bundler plugins.

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